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Obelisk | The Revolutionary Signage Method

Obelisk | The Revolutionary Signage Method

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Obelisk | The Revolutionary Signage Method

Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
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Save up to 65% on production costs when using the Obelisk technology for making XPS foam illuminated or non-illuminated signage.

With the new OBELISK hot wire foam cutter, sign makers can produce complete illuminated or non-illuminated 3D foam signage or letters with a brilliant finish, BETTER and CHEAPER.

With 3 Simple Steps For Manufacturing:

  1. Print – Or coat the surface
  2. Cut – Precision cut the sign face, then cut the return and backing shell
  3. Assemble – Illuminate with LEDs if required

Offering Your Customers A New, Exciting Concept In Sign Making

…and REDUCE your labour costs and IMPROVE productivity.

  • No visible join lines – Backlit illuminated XPS foam exhibits bright, uniform light
  • Can be cut to tight tolerances – This means creative, fine detailed illuminated letters or shapes can be produced.
  • Vary the return and shell thickness – To optimise light transmission in tight areas.
  • Perfect for retail applications – XPS foam does not absorb water, is easy to finish and is easy to install.
  • Extra light – Signs and displays out of XPS foam, are ideal for ceiling mounted or suspended applications.
  • Easy to transport – The waste from around the cut out letters can be used as protective packaging.
  • Sign faces can be customised – Use traditional vinyl graphics, direct digital prints or just leave brilliant white.
  • Eco-friendly – At the same time it is cost effective, rigid and very versatile.

Obelisk Features:

  • CNC hot wire foam cutter
  • Low noise
  • No smell during cutting
  • Foldable
  • No smoke during cutting
  • The polystyrene is water repellent, that why the sign is frost resistant.
  • The software accepts files from the most common graphic vector design and CAD softwares.
  • Due to the light density of the foams it can easily be mounted – even by means of common glue
  • The 3D signmaking decoration system is suitable for creating indoor and outdoor embossed signs.
  • The polystyrene is water repellent, that why the sign is frost resistant.
  • The cut objects can be painted by water based inks such us the common wall paints.

But, its not just illuminated signs you can make…

3D cutting with the OBELISK has almost no limits. You can produce professional, lightweight signage, logos, in-store retail displays, wall decor, decorative / shop-fitting elements, packaging, architectural shapes, theatre props, set design elements, hobbies, crafts, toys and much more… Standard 3D foam cut letters and designs can be produced in different thicknesses up to 80mm or finished with step-cut layers. Apply self-adhesive vinyl or do a direct digital print. Laminate the face with another layer of a different coloured foam, acrylic, ACM or even wood. Apply glitter or paint techniques, even textured backing boards can add a different dimension. Let your imagination take over and get creative!!!

  • Height: 1750 mm
  • Length:  520 mm
  • During the game 1180 mm
  • Width: 380 mm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Maximum power: 0,2 A – 40 W
  • Length of wire: 130 mm , 10 000 mm spare wire included
  • Maximum foam size: 1250 x 600 x 100 mm
  • Operating temperature of the wire: 400 – 600  °C
  • Speed of cutting: 3 – 12 mm/sec
  • SOFTWARE: StellaObelisk driver (Minimum requirement: Pentium II, Windows XP)

Making Illuminated Signs and Lightboxes



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