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This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET7-99-1 30W TRANSFORMER Login or Register to view prices.

The Eurotech LED Light modules have been designed and manufactured with the sign manufacturer in mind. Our quality, longevity and performance are the key attributes of the Eurotech light modules.

  • The 30W transformer is 220mm x 30mm x 20mm and is IP67.

There has been a proven performance of over 10 years in many different countries around the world of these LED sign lights which will give you the confidence in these high quality signage LED modules.

Our range of Sign LED light modules is designed to suit all signage situations. The extra bright high power modules are designed for side lit light boxes and our smaller LED modules are designed for back lit light boxes and channel letters.

All our LED light modules come with a 3 year Warranty and our transformers with a 2 year Warranty.

Contact us now on [email protected] and we can send you our special LED light box calculator which will help you work out how many LED light modules you need and provide special tips so you can provide the perfect signage solution for your customer. Or else it can downloaded here: Eurotech LED Lightbox Calculator




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