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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
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There is that Signmaterial in front of you, which you want to cover with a full, overprinted graphic.You place the print on the sign and since it‘s a bit bigger than the sign, you can‘t see any edges of the sign anymore, correct? How in the world, you could align the graphic to the signsubstrate right now? „Feel out“ the edges of the sign? Cutting marks in the print to see the sign edge here and there? Not really fast, reliable or professional, correct? Your collage Arndt Palzer faced the same issue at least one time too much and he came up with an amazing solution: The PrintJoggle. Just push the inner arms of the Joggle-angles tight to one corner of the signsubstrate and feed the print underneath the Plexiglas of the Joggle. The scale on the glas tells you exactly where the print meets the outside of the sign. Aligning of the print is now a question of seconds and super precise.

Just give it a try – you will simply love it. It saves you tons of times, money and relax your nervews…!  Thank you, Arndt. Also your innovation influences the Signmaking business around the globe.
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