Monkey Gripper

Monkey Gripper

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-7003 MONKEY GRIPPER, 0 - 22MM CAPACITY Login or Register to view prices.

The genuine Gorilla or Money Gripper incorporates glass-filled nylon polymer which is virtually unbreakable.

Other copy and competitor products have gripping plates has proven to be a low-grade plastic that can easily crack and break.

Lift & Carry Sheet Goods from the top, with ease, using only one hand!

The Gorilla Gripper panel carrier has extremely durable, rock-hard glass-filled nylon gripping plates lined with non-marring rubberised gripping pad.

It accommodates plywood, drywall, Melamine, MDF, sheet metal, and virtually all other sheet goods and panels from paper-thin to 22mm.

It’s very affordable and will benefit its user’s back, neck, hands & arms when picking up & carrying those heavy, cumbersome materials. It makes so much sense versus the old-fashioned way of bending sideways, hoisting those panels overhead, torquing the spine & risking damage to the back & neck in the process.

Considering the importance of a well-preserved back it is likely to be the best investment a construction worker, woodworker, sheet metal worker or DIY’er will ever make. Even burly men need to ask themselves whether being ‘macho’ is worth even one trip to a Chiropractor, a day or two of lost work, or worse yet a lifetime back injury!




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