General Purpose Squeegee

General Purpose Squeegee

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
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The all purpose general squeegee is a relatively soft squeegee which can be used in many situations. If you want a good multipurpose squeegee then look no further!
Apply pressure evenly with this plastic squeegee, its practical and simple to clean, removes air bubbles and wrinkles a easy to handle and apply vinyl. a burnisher for binding and cover repair for books, labels and laminates.

General Eurotech Laminate Burnishing Squeegee info –Squeegees are one of the most important wrap tools for the sign maker and digital printer. The thickness, rigidity and softness of every squeegee differs to provide the correct tool for each different situation. Our squeegee range includes different colors, different widths and some even have wet edges depending on the application.

Some Squeegees are made from different plastics, some from Teflon and others from polypropylene. Its a great idea to get a range of different squeegees to suit each and every application.

Some of the wet edges are micro fiber to make your job quicker and make the edge last longer.

We also have a range of different wrap tools to help you apply vinyls and the carry bags that go along with them.

Take a browse and you will be amazed to see how you can make your life easier with our squeegee range and wrap tools!



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