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Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
FLATBED LAMINATOR PRO Login or Register to view prices.

Flatbed Laminator Pro high-tech flat-bed laminating machine/applicator is a device specifically designed for the production of high quality advertising materials (signboards, labels, nameplates, etc.). Flatbed Laminator Pro is widely used by companies engaged in the production of outdoor and indoor advertising.

Advanced functionality and ease of use creates many opportunities for carrying out numerous tasks and getting the most vibrant solutions in the field of manufacturing advertising media. Vroller’s competent equipment configuration, advanced designs and outstanding technical qualities ensure the perfect results in the shortest time, irrespective of what type of material is used in the production: foam and corrugated cardboard, plastic, plywood, silicate and organic glass, polystyrene, sheet metal, banners, etc.

The Flatbed Laminator Pro’s main objective is to apply an image to a surface. Using a laminator/applicator enables applying a film quickly, evenly and smoothly on the desired surface. The device can also be used as a laminator for applying stripping film or stitching film on the film.

Practical application of optimal solutions for working conditions and increasing the level of comfort at the workstation form the basis for developing Vroller. Comfortable (glass or MDF) tabletop with lighting and, irrespective of the model chosen, easy access to the roller, material and surface of the table, the ability to work with one hand – all this makes Vroller an ideal workstation and enables getting a perfectly smooth surface without bubbles, creases or wrinkles in the shortest time. Time required for gluing is minimised, which speeds up the process and shortens working time in comparison to hand-rolling approximately by 80%.

Installing Flatbed Laminator Pro is very simple and does not require any particular skills, and the detailed instructions included with the supply enable the operator to learn to use the device in less than an hour. Additional material holders and side trays facilitate working with numerous variations of application and oversized materials. The gap between the roller and the worktop enables using various materials of up to 50 mm.

Advantages of working with the flat-bed laminator pro

  • Cost-effectiveness (reduced labour costs, time saving). In most cases, ease of use enables one person to perform the work, which leads to significant savings in time and money.
  • High quality of the final product: a perfectly flat surface with no bubbles, creases or wrinkles.
  • Improving the working conditions for the operator (ergonomic working position).
  • Ease of use (manual delivered with the applicator, which enables the operator to learn to use the device in less than an hour).
  • The device may be equipped with a second carriage with pressure rollers, which allows using one applicator as two work areas.
  • Possibility to work on projects of varying degree of complexity.
  • Stability, reliability and durability.
  • Best price in its class.
  • Quick return on investment.
  • Full compliance with standards EVS-EN 60598, EVS-EN 55015.


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