BoostBox Bucket

BoostBox Bucket

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Item No. Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
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Outgassing made easy with the BoostBox Bucket from Yellotools

If you only need to outgas a foil every now and then, or if space problems lead to a more compact design, the BoostBox Bucket is just right for you. The forced venting system simply sucks heavy solvent vapors from the surface and removes them from the fresh print. You can either transport the air directly into your rooms (which is not recommended…!) or you can use a standard exhaust hose to transport it outside. Capacity: One to four rolls.

Reduced waiting time when thinning out digital prints

Result: You increase the “envelope” of your digital prints by extremely shortening the waiting time before lamination. Many customers reported that they were able to reduce the waiting time from 24 hours to 4 hours. That’s a really serious amount of time, isn’t it?

If you like to hang up your foils for outgassing, we recommend our YelloMonkey versions. These are available in two sizes.

And so it works:



Price:per piece
Product Type:foil thinner
Included: 1 pcs


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