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Rite Secure & Seal

Rite Secure & Seal

This product is only available to printers and signmakers.

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Rite Secure & Seal

Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-50002Rite Secure & Seal, 600ML Login or Register to view prices.

The polyurethane adhesive, Rite Secure and Seal, is a versatile construction adhesive and sealant. Supplied Australia Wide from Perth to Sydney.

It is a one component composition. A high-modulus polyurethane adhesive. It cures under influence of humidity.

Used in coachwork, roofing, timber, shipbuilding, DIY and more.

Rite Secure and Seal construction adhesive is a professional series product. It has been developed for high quality work.

  • Professional series
  • For industry and DIY
  • High mechanical performance
  • High Strength
  • Grey
  • Works with virtually all materials
  • 600ML sausage
  • Proven worldwide

Why Use Secure and Seal Polyurethane Adhesive?

  1. You need a high modulus adhesive and sealant
  2. You need high mechanical performance
  3. You need a product which retains its elasticity
  4. You need extremely high adhesion capabilities
  5. You need a product which is paintable

* Not paintable with alkydresin paints.

Rite Secure and Seal Applications

Interior and exterior floor joints. Wall expansion joints.

Brilliant for elastic bonding. Works with metal. For mechanical construction. For body work. Also used in ship building and containers.

Refrigerating plants. Automotive, caravan, mobile homes. Aircraft and the railway industries. Gluing of panels. Also skirting boards and windowsills.

Usage Instructions for Rite Secure and Seal

Surfaces must be dry, clean and solid. If necessary use a primer. Apply as an adhesive in vertical stripes. Application temperature: +5C to +40C. Test adhesion prior to application.

Mostly use white spirits to clean. To be used immediately before it dries. Hardened sealant can only be removed mechanically. To clean hands use soap and water.

More Info on Rite Secure and Seal

One feature is its permanent elasticity.

For interior or exterior use.

Excellent adhesion in most applications. Works with MDF, brick, and concrete. Also natural stone. Ceramic tiles and aluminium. Works with metals like steel and stainless steel. Also brass, zinc, copper. Most hard plastics.

Secure and Seal is used in industry and DIY.

Can be used with virtually all materials.

When its high performance, Secure and Seal is the choice.

Further info can be found at Rite Adhesives News. A range of sign products can be seen at Eurotech.



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