5mm Rite Flute – Flute Sheet

5mm Rite Flute – Flute Sheet

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Peter Ireland
Peter Ireland
23. July, 2020.
We have found Eurotech very helpful, very good to deal with, prompt service & delivery, good range of quality products.
Gareth Young
Gareth Young
13. July, 2020.
Amazing super fast delivery, and happy to ask my questions in unfamiliar areas of expertise to ensure I got the best result - can't recommend these guys enough - Thanks !
Precise Signs and Graphics
Precise Signs and Graphics
6. July, 2020.
Great Products, Great service highly recommended
Vee Bijl
Vee Bijl
26. June, 2020.
Ahmed Asfandyar
Ahmed Asfandyar
26. June, 2020.
RITETACK – INSTANT GRAB ADHESIVE is an amazing product for people in the shelving business. Our company, Imperium Home Solutions installs melamine shelving to approx 70 houses/month and this product works like magic for us ( zero complains by our customers/builders) . Highly recommended product offered by Eurotec. Michael and Erin will provide outstanding customer service 10/10. Competitive trade prices!!

5mm Rite Flute – Flute Sheet

Item No.Description This product is only available to printers and signmakers.
ET6-5135mm White 900GSM 1250 x 2500 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-5145mm White 900GSM 1500 x 3050 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-500.5mm White 900GSM 1220 X 2440 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-502.5mm White 900GSM 1220 x 1830 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-503.5mm White 900GSM 1220 x 3000 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-507.5mm White 900GSM 1830 x 2440 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.
ET6-520.5mm Black 900GSM 1220 x 2440 **Pkt 10 Sheets** Login or Register to view prices.



All sheets are in packs of 10 sheets

Eurotech offers a comprehensive range of hardware solutions for your display needs. Our collection includes high-quality signage materials, for all your sign-making and display needs. Our Riteflute sheets, for sale on our website, are what you need to complete your signage supplies.

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At Eurotech, we offer the Rite Flute fluted Riteflute sheet, the premier brand for sign writers and digital printers. The high-grade sheets made from polypropylene can be used for virtually all signage applications, including:

  • Dust resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • Asset protection
  • Short-term packaging
  • Hoarding
  • Floor protection

The sheets are durable and can withstand the effects of UV exposure. This makes them ideal for outdoor use. Corona-treated, they are also perfect for direct printing, minimising costs for extra materials.


The Rite Flute sheets are available in black and white, in 3mm, 5mm and 8mm options. Prices vary depending on size, GSM and other features. To add the items to your cart, please see the table below. The GSM stands for grams per square metre, the higher the GSM the more plastic the sheet has making it stronger and also cost more. Not all Riteflute is made equal, some Riteflute sheet is UV stabalised and some is not. The UV stabalised sheet will not break down when exposed to sunlight but the Riteflute that is not stabalised will become brittle over time and break down. It depends on your application as to what type of Riteflute you purchase.


The team at Eurotech is your trusted supplier of Riteflute sheets in Australia. If you are looking for an accessible and customer-focused supplier of Riteflute sheets and other signage hardware solutions such as frames and eyelets, then we are your provider. Our Riteflute is often known also as flute, Corrugated sheet, pp hollow sheet, coreboard, polypropylene sheet, fluted plastic sheet and corplast. Our Rite Flute sheet is a superior product at lower prices.

We supply our Riteflute sheet around Australia. We supply to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane and Hobart. Where ever you are we can supply our Riteflute sheet to you!

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