The Quest For The Best Is Over...It's Here!

Why October Quest?

Well…when one of October’s more memorable events gets cancelled (Oktoberfest) we certainly can’t put our feet up! We need to fill it with a replacement! Whether it’s the best signage accessory, the best way of installing a sign or the best giveaway prize….October Quest with Eurotech is about empowering you as a signmaker.

Every time you place an order with Eurotech during October, you can enter the following prize winning draws according to the value of your order!

Orders $3000 and over


Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic 6 Burner on Side Burner Cart

Features include:

Turbo classic 6 burner

Side burner

Hot plate and grill

Cabinet with hinged doors

Orders $1000 and over


Schmick 165L Under Bench Dual Zone Bar Fridge

Features include:

Two independently

controlled temperature zones

Double-glazed glass doors

Low E-film coating to

prevent condensation for optimum performance

Orders $500 and over


The Ultimate Cricket Cooler | For Backyard, Beach or Park Cricket

Features include:

33L Capacity

Stumps double as the

Rubber wheels

Bottle opener

Free Bottle Opener with Every order, During October!

Competition has closed

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To enter into any of the 3 prize draws, entries will need to include a Eurotech invoice number. The invoice number needs to be from an order that has been placed with Eurotech in the month of October 2020.
  2. Each of the 3 prize draws has an order value which needs to be met via an order with Eurotech. Values are mentioned in above marketing
  3. The participant shall enter into any of the prize draws, any amount of times, so as long as each
    entry is accompanied by a different transaction (invoice number) and using a different email address.
  4. The winner for each draw will be determined via Vyper
  5. The participant shall be from an Australian registered business with a valid ABN
  6. The participant shall be from a business within New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland or Northern Territory.
  7. The delivery shall be made to the business address of the participant. The delivery address shall be the address included on the corresponding invoice of which the invoice number for entry into the applicable draw is obtained.
  8. The delivery of each of the prizes shall be to a physical address nominated within New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia,Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland or Northern Territory. The delivery shall be to a sealed bitumen or pavement surface with the location not  more than 50 metres from a main road.
  9. The unload of the prize from the delivery vehicle shall be the responsibility of the prize recipient.
  10. Any extra costs incurred during delivery of the prize, outside of standard freight, such as waiting times, redeliveries, manual handling and other additional services or materials, shall be born by the prize recipient.

Empowering Signmakers