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How to Make Your Booth Stand-Out at Trade Shows

Amazing trade show
A trade show is like speed-dating for businesses. Exhibitors can meet potential clients, investors and other contacts. This interaction can help businesses achieve their goals and get ahead. Competition for attention on the exhibition floor can be fierce.

Here, we’ll give you tips on how to make your booth stand out. Our products feature the latest technology and the most eye-catching methods of creating displays and advertising. Follow our advice and capture the interest of people at the trade show.

Uniqueness is Key

Out-of-the-box thinking is not enough. Be outrageous and try to do something that has never been done before. While it should remain understandable and can relate to your audience, there are always new ways to get a message across effectively.

Keep it Relevant

You are at a trade show to present a business and not just a concept. Provide information which you know exhibit goers will value and make sure everyone leaves your booth after gaining fresh information. Our premium portable transport stands are a great medium for informational materials.

Give Away Prizes

But don’t just hand them out. Host simple games that passers-by can participate in to win token prizes. It is even better if you can integrate your brand in the game to strengthen the recall. While pens and lanyards work well as prizes, more creative prizes, that people will fall in line for, create more of a buzz, (it doesn’t have to expensive!).

Provide Experience

Either through the games, VR experiences or hands-on interaction, provide an experience for the clients. It is the age of experience and booths that give their clients a unique experience will better leave a mark than those that just provide the information.

Participating in a trade show will be exciting for any company. You get to meet people in the same industry, reach new audiences and build contacts. With the right preparation, a set-up that does not follow a standard approach and with the proper branding treatments, your booth can wow the crowd.

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