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led lighting for signs



Our LEDs are Epistar brand chips. This is one of the world leaders in LED and a Taiwanese brand.

The wiring in the housing is 99.9% gold. The common LED on the market allows for a ratio of 80/20. This means greater chance of corrosion and failure.


Our modules use a 20 awg wire whilst most Chinese brands use 22 awg. This means that we have more power running down the line. Hence less stress on the components and less chance of fade out when you run 20 to 30 in a row of modules.

PCB Thickness

With the flexible we use 2 ounce PCB compared to the standard 1 ounce.
Which means better conductivity of the power down the line. And less chance of overheating or fading.


The neon we use is silicone based versus the older PVC.

Silicone allows more flexibility and also less issue with turning a yellow colour in the UV of the sun.


The transformers we have only had about a 1.2-1.5% failure rate. This is much better than the industry standard of 3-5% failure rate over a 2-3 year working period.

Double sided tape

Our new double sided tape that we use on all our high power modules is a special double sided tape that is aluminum. This helps to move the heat more from the aluminum PCB to the sign exterior, reducing the stress on the LED (heat = stress).  Most suppliers just use standard double sided tape on all modules.

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