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Latest Trends in Signage Industry

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Latest Trends in Signage Industry

With the fast-evolving signage industry, businesses will have to match the pace to stay competitive. Ask people associated, and they will tell you the importance of embracing the latest trends in the signage industry, both digital and traditional, to outsmart your rivals. The sooner you move, the better it is for the growth of your business. Professionals often look for new, creative, and exciting ways to attract customers with their products & services, and there is no better way than a perfectly crafted signage.

While it can be slightly difficult to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape but don’t worry, we are here to help. We would uncover some of the secrets, share more on the rising trends in the signage industry, and tell you how you can growth-proof your future strategies. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in the signage industry through this detailed article!

Traditional Signage is always IN

The diversified digital landscape doesn’t mean that the traditional method of advertising and promotion won’t work. Rather it would continue to bring customers to your clients and add value to their business as long as it delivers the right message through the right channel. You can continue making pull-up banners, standees, signage boards, or other standard methods.

Hardware Screens to go mainstream

Go out! Look around! What do you see? Hardware screens everywhere running promotional content. Yes, that’s how it is going to continue in 2020 and beyond. You will witness 4k, 8k, OLED, and all sorts of new screens going mainstream during the next few years.

Digital signage is on roll

Over the last few years, digital signage content is taking over traditional marketing and advertising. It can work well in conjunction with traditional methods, and it will continue to evolve with carefully curated content. Many sign makers are looking at it from customers’ point of view and hence, new solutions are making their way in the market.

Using automation and artificial intelligence:

Businesses are embracing AI/Automation as part of their marketing efforts across all industries, and it is the latest trend in the signage industry as well. Monitoring campaigns or managing various projects can be complemented with automation and AI.

Supporting smaller stores:

Fiercely growing competition from online retailers and high monthly rentals has created difficult situations for both small as well as high street retailers. You can assess what is working well for your clients and pilot your approach towards growing trends for better results. Small businesses like restaurants, agencies, fast-food chains, startups, and printing companies have been the early adopters of interactive signage. Be it touch screen kiosks or digital A-frames, customers are quick to not just acknowledge but also actively take part in the interactive display.

Sustainability, a key driver of growth

What does it mean? What does sustainability have to do with the latest trends in the signage industry? Let’s get it answered! Researchers have found that businesses that accommodate sustainable measures, easily earn customers’ trust. If customers would resonate with your message, they are likely to engage with you. Think of plastic-free shopping, or organic clothing, or reusable packaging, or save water initiatives, and you feel connected, and guess what, retailers would appreciate that. Next time you see a slogan about water, trees, or environment complemented with business products and services, you should know it is part of the sustainability boost. And you should start taking enough steps towards sustainability.

These were some trends that you can utilize to be in pace with your competitors. Well, being updated about the latest trends of signage industry is the key.

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