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Isoframe In Singapore

Amber & Green, one of the worldwide Mark Bric partners in Singapore, have achieved another brilliant success using ISOframe.  When Amber & Green created this stand for diving company, PADI, they again demonstrated the ability of ISOframe Lightbox to really make a company stand out from the crowd at an exhibition and to focus attention. PADI had previously purchased custom exhibition stands, which had to be professionally installed at each of the four shows that they attend annually and which could not be reused, costing PADI a lot of money.


Before the first meeting David had checked out the cost-saving of using reusable ISOframe at the four shows in Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, factoring in the costs of transport between the locations and the cost-saving of PADI being able to self-build the stands.  After presenting the figures alongside ISOframe and a 3D visual from Mark Bric Display’s Dedong Chen the PADI team had complete confidence in choosing ISOframe.


The 6 x 3m exhibition stand incorporated 2 large ISOframe Lightbox frames forming the attractive and eye-catching backdrop to the stand, a central ISOframe Fabric structure, complete with a door to access hidden storage and and LCD mount for the media screen.  At the front of the stand two 2-module ISObar Counters completed the stand and were highlighted by the use of the LED light strips.


Amber & Green provided training and comprehensive instructions to the PADI team and they were able to get the stand set up easily despite having never seen ISOframe before.  Overall a brilliant success!

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