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Getting Worry-free Signs for Your Business

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You spend on outdoor signs expecting to have them for months or even years. You wouldn’t want to have to replace them frequently, but you cannot always guard against weather conditions or vandalism, right?

Here are some tips on how to make long-standing signs for your business:


Choosing a good site not only maximises the reach to your audience, but it can also prevent signs from being damaged.

Strong winds can be more punishing on signs than the sun or rainfall. Placing your sign near buildings or big sturdy trees can provide protection as they function as a windbreak. Using trees or buildings can also serve as a shade for your sign, minimising overexposure to UV rays. Lastly, choosing a public area will not only increase exposure to more people, but it will also discourage vandalism.


Of course, the material your sign is made of plays a big role on your sign’s durability.

Here at Eurotech, we have a wide array of supplies for various signs and displays. We are also Riteflute suppliers. Riteflute sheets are great for outdoor signs and can make your sign waterproof and dust resistant. Should you wish to clean your sign, water will not damage it. The sheets also allow them to endure UV exposure.


Proper installation and good structural support will keep your signs from falling, collapsing in on itself, being blown away or being stolen. For banner-like signs, grommets or eyelets are ideal for windy areas. If possible, fasten footpath signs to the ground or use a weighted base.

You can save a lot of money by investing in the proper materials and location for your sign. Get in touch with us today by phone at 1800 30 6161 or through e-mail at [email protected]. We can help you make durable signs.

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