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Coronavirus Info | For Eurotech Australia Team Members

Important: Please save the Australian Department of Health website in your favourites. Click here and then save. This should be your first port of call for up to the minute information. Stay safe.

From practising social distancing (1.5m – 2 metres), including outside of business hours, to good hygiene our exchange of ideas will allow us to continue to operate.

We also remind each other not to be shaking hands – in place of hand shake a friendly smile works well 🙂

As you no doubt would all be aware there is a current crisis in the world with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It’s important we acknowledge the seriousness of this and take actions to limit the possibility of this affecting the health of our colleagues, customers and suppliers plus the impact of it on the economics of the company.

The health of our colleagues, customers and supply partners is of greatest priority and from this day forward the following strategies are or action plan:

  1. If you have flu like symptoms you must stay away from work until you have recovered or have been cleared medically.
  2. Wash hands regularly as per our posters in the workplace, washing hands when you enter and leave the building. Also, use the Ritewipes for sanitation where it makes sense to do so.
  3. All physical contact must be stopped, including shaking of hands etc.
  4. Practise social distancing (1.5 to 2 metres), this includes outside of business hours.
  5. We are regularly wiping down commonly used handles and buttons
  6. We are following any measures put to us by authorities

As a company we believe this potentially can affect the profitability and will be doing what it takes to eliminate all unnecessary expenses. We also suggest doing this personally to ensure you can get through a worst-case scenario as well.

To give you an idea of the seriousness of this situation. If one of the team comes in contact with someone who has coronavirus you could be put in isolation for 14 days. If one of the team contracts Coronavirus this would potentially result in the business being closed for 2 weeks. All leave and allowances will be available as per our employment contracts.

This worse case situation is one we all don’t want to get into which reiterates the importance of adhering to the above 4 points.

Other than this its business as usual. A team effort of 110% effort will make sure we will continue to operate as a strong team; our customer service is exceptional and our operations continue to be improved!

Now let’s keep making Signies Lives Easier!

Download The Eurotech Australia Team Member Policy