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Coronavirus Info | For Clients of Eurotech Australia

The orders we receive from our clients is the lifeblood of our operations.

Coronavirus Info | For Clients of Eurotech Australia

Sometimes these times of pressure makes us more efficient; working more efficiently will mean we come out the other side stronger.

We are now working to have all meetings via

Meeting up via Zoom still means we can see each other face to face – and we can possibly fit in a product demonstration depending on how big the product is!


Our commitment is to provide dependable and consistency.

During this time we will revise pricing if needed on a monthly basis.

If pricing needs to change, it will be included in an email broadcast before the start of the month.

Our commitment is for pricing to remain valid for 1 month (circa 30 days) from the start of each month.

We would encourage you as our client to convey the same info to your clients. This in turn could speed up a commitment from your clients.

Supply and Availability

To our knowledge, globally, no borders have been closed to trade (shipment of goods).

Therefore our mission is operate business as usual with a target supply rate of 97%.

Saying that, there is fluctuation in demand and lag in some supply lines.

There are still a lot of unknowns with the coronavirus.

To encourage the reduction of panic buying and overstocking, we are asking our clients to make there own judgement as to what they will be needing based on their own predicted circumstances going forward.

Clients will be served in a ‘first in, first served’ basis – in other words ‘business as normal’.

As a reminder, please double-check the amounts you are ordering. We don’t want you to be overstocked once we get through the current challenge.


Our first offer to you in the event of certain lines not being available, is can you look at an alternative solution?

If an alternative solution we can put you order on backorder.

We have made backorders enforceable, at this point in time. You will be given an approximate availability time. There will be an obligation for the goods to be delivered once they are available.

In view of the above, please double check before confirming your backorder via phone, email or the website. We don’t want you to be overstocked once we get through the current challenge.

Current Returns Policy

We have temporarily suspended our refund policy to discourage over-purchasing. If you have already purchased additional items you no longer want, please look at donating them to community organisations, neighbours or other businesses you know.

Government Assistance

Check out the various ways the government is assisting businesses and their team members.

Please note this list may not be conclusive or current. We are seeking to enlist your interest so you know there is help available from the government. Please speak to your accountant for advice.

  1. JobKeeper payment – Subsidisation of wages
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