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Advantages of Wireless Lighting

Advantages of Wireless Lighting

Our wireless lighting options go above and beyond.



In traditional dual LED 12V modules, only 56% of the supplied energy is turned into light. The other 44% is burned by the on-board resistors to make the multiple low voltage LEDs work on 12V.

As Stogger works with one single 48V high power LED, >95% of the supplied energy is turned into light. This results in a 50% higher energy efficiency.



Our unique Square-light optics guarantee an even and square light distribution. This reduces the number of required LED modules with up to 60%. Also, as we only have one LED in each module, we can guarantee an even light distribution at any given pitch & depth.


Our customers profit from our serious investments in lens optimization. Our high-quality square lens spreads the light superb, which enables lighting signs as thin as 40mm / 1.6″ with a maximum light output of 147 lm due to the integration of high power LEDs.


The absence of wires provides ultimate freedom to the sign maker: easy and up to 6x faster application of lighting at the lowest possible costs is a serious game changer.


The whole is more than the sum of the advantages. Our wireless lighting solution result up to 25% savings in sign lighting for the sign maker.


The Thermo Drain withdraws heat from the LED perfectly into the PowerBoard. Traditional LED modules cannot dissipate their heat as they are encapsulated with plastic. Our Thermo Drain ensures ultimate LED lifetime.


Our LightBot is under development: a robot which mounts LEDs automatically on the PowerBoard. Due to the absence of wires, we offer the only LED in the market making automation possible. Savings up to 90% on labor costs are within reach now!


By using quality high power 48V 1,0W LEDs, a practical unlimited amount of Quantum LED modules can be mounted in a channel letter. Using 48V as drive voltage reduces the current (Amperes) fourfold compared to 12V systems. This results in a maximum light output of 147 lumens / Quantum at 0.02 Amperes only! The infrastructure needed to power the installation can be greatly reduced. Power wiring thickness can be reduced up to 12 fold(!), allowing for easier installation and significant less cost.


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